Our Story

Immanuel Lutheran Church on the shores of Fish Lake was founded in 1871 by a group of local Lutheran farmers and led by Pastor Henry Raedeke of Carver, Minnesota.  The first framed building was erected in that year and 1875 the congregation was officially orgainzed with 19 charter members signing the constitution.  The ninteen charter members were:  Fred Busse, Charles Dubbe, Henry Dubbe, Fred Dubbe, John Fehlandt Sr., John Fehlandt Jr., Henry Fehlandt Sr.,  Fred Gossel, John Geister, Henry Kettelhon, Ludwig Klingberg, John Klingberg, Christ Klingberg, Henry Mueller, Wilhelm Mueller, Gottlieb Mueller, John Oldenburg, Fred Oldenburg, and Henry Timmerman.  

In 1924, the congregation, under the guidance and leadership of Pastor Karl Schroeder, erected the present church building.  On May 9, 1926, the present house of worship was dedicated to the glory of the Triune God. 

From 1948-1965, Immanuel Lutheran Christian Day School was held in the basement of our church.  Many of our current members were enrolled in school here.  

Over the years, we have had 14 Pastors lead us in worship.  Our current Pastor, Rev. Dr.  Brent Parrish, accepted the call to Immanuel in 2009.  

We have been blessed over the years and are excited to see what the Lord has in store for us! 

To God be the Glory!