Physical Strength and Healing: Martha Dorn, Marlys Erdman, Bernice Hafermann, David Moline, Lori Moline, Carol Wangerin, Heidi Johnson Riley Theis and Monica Borlaug.

Friends and Family: Julie Dubbe (daughter in-law of Roger Dubbe), 

Michael Holland (father of Amy Scapple)

Support and Safety for our Military Members:

 Austin Beck, USCG (Camp Smith, Honolulu, HI)

 Luke Ritter, USMC (Marine Corps Air Station, New River, NC)

 Tyler Lund, US Army (Fort Gordon, GA)

 Riley Wood, US Army (Fort Leonard Wood, MO)

 **Note If you would like to add Family or Friend to the prayer list. Please contact the church office.  Thank You!